5 reasons why sportscasters who aren’t as good as you keep getting jobs

We all know someone who laments that people who are less talented than them keep getting great sportscasting jobs.

5 reasons why sportscasters who aren’t as good as you keep getting jobs

Measuring ourselves against others without bias is at the very least challenging. For this conversation, though, let’s assume that a person is repeatedly being passed over in favor of less talented, less qualified candidates.

Here are five reasons why a talented individual might be repeatedly passed over in the sportscasting job market:

1. Age

Younger talent costs less.

2. Bad vibes

After losing a high profile job, one sportscaster began privately bad-mouthing his former employers to friends in the industry. Whether their dismissal was justified is irrelevant. Sports broadcasting is a small industry. Complain to enough people and a wonderful reputation can quickly be tarnished.

3. Insincerity

Sometimes the more talented sportscaster doesn’t get the job because they aren’t genuine. Be sincere in building relationships, nurture them, and give more than you take.

4. Hard to work with

Talented sportscasters can be passed over because they don’t play well with others. Get along with bosses and co-workers. Treat behind-the-scenes people well. Don’t be demanding. Don’t be a diva. Stay humble.

Be easy to work with.

5. Not working smart in the job market

Even more important than working hard in the job market is working smart.

Don’t rely on reputation alone to open doors for you.

Be sure that your demo features what employers need, that your resume is effectively formatted, that your cover letter is well-written, that you are presenting your applications in a professional manner and that you are intelligently and strategically following up with employers.

Talent is just one reason that people get hired in the sports broadcasting job market, but it isn’t the only one.

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