5 questions to ask about your job interviewer

You can always do more to prepare yourself in the sportscasting job market. I was reminded of that in a phone call from a friend this week.

job interviewer

This person has an upcoming job interview. He thought I might be able to provide some helpful background info on the employer.

Here are the five questions he asked:

  1. How do you describe the employer?
  2. What can you tell me about his background?
  3. What are his interests?
  4. What is something that his past hires for this position have had in common?
  5. Why is the position open?

Doing online research about the company, the market and the person with whom you will be speaking is always smart job interview prep. However, researching the employer by asking questions of people who know him will provide more specific information that can help you win the interview.

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If you want more advice on how to win your next job interview, here are two additional STAA blog posts you will probably find helpful:

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