4 ways to drive your sports talk radio ratings

How are your ratings?
How are your ratings?
Southern California is a haven for fans of sports talk radio. At any time, I can tune in to any of three Los Angeles stations and two San Diego stations. Despite having all those options, though, I find myself consistently tuning in to two shows each morning – Dan Patrick and Colin Cowherd. I do it because they take the same topics everyone else is talking about, but present them in ways I don’t get anywhere else. There are some common characteristics for how they do it. With that in mind, here are…

4 ways to instantly increase your sports talk radio ratings.

1. Opinions

Have them, research them, support them and defend them.

2. Go inside the issues

Tell your listeners what’s new, what’s next and what is possible. What’s new? The Seahawks are champions. What’s next? They’ve got to find a way to keep their roster intact. What’s possible? This team will dominate for the foreseeable future because their best players are in contracts that are under market value.

3. Make it relatable

Give context to issues by drawing parallels to similar situations in other sports, pop culture, your personal life, etc. These Seahawks are just like Bill Cowher’s Steelers. Both organizations are such outstanding evaluators of talent that when they do have to let go a great player for salary cap reasons, a talented replacement is waiting in the wings. From 1992 to ’96 the Steelers lost 26 players to free agency. In ‘96, they still won the AFC Central.

4. Storytelling

Drive a point home or take your listeners behind the curtain by sharing first-hand experience & observation. I love telling the story of when I was stuck inside the Chargers locker room when the team entered after an especially tough loss. I hid while Head Coach Bobby Ross shared some choice words with his team. Give listeners something they can’t get anywhere else. Every segment should include at least one story.

Consistently do each of these things and your show will be the one in your local market that folks go out of their way to tune in to.

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