3 essential college classes for sportscasters

My sophomore year at Kansas State University (the Princeton of the Plains – Go Cats!), I enrolled in a fundamentals of acting class. A girl I liked had enrolled and I thought it would be an easy elective. The girl dumped me after one date and the class was much harder than I expected. Looking back, though, it was one of the most important classes I took at KSU.

3-college-classes for sportscasters

In college, it is easy to dismiss your electives and focus on the obvious classes that you are sure will help your future career as a sports broadcaster. However, there are a few classes you should not overlook. These classes may push you outside of your comfort zone, but the benefits will have a lasting impact on your sportscasting career.

3 Essential Electives for Sportscasters

Here are three not so obvious classes that will help you become a better sports broadcaster.

  1. Fundamentals of Acting
    This was a game-changer for me because it taught me how to read scripts. You will be reading a TON of scripts throughout your sportscasting career. Acting class is where you will learn how to make your delivery sound spontaneous.
  2. Speech
    Many students approach this class with dread and loathing, however this is a must-take class if you want to be a sports talk show host. You will learn how to research your opinions and formulate persuasive arguments. You’ll also develop the confidence necessary to sell your opinions.
  3. Debate
    Another must-take class for aspiring sports talk hosts. Again, you’ll learn how to formulate and execute persuasive arguments. It’s fabulous preparation for debating hot sports topics with your future co-hosts and callers to your show.

I was often guilty of choosing electives that I thought would be easy. Fundamentals of Golf during my final semester was a blast. Between the easy electives, though, be sure to also choose some that are going to help you build a better career.