STAA’s new year’s wish for you

I took a major stroll down memory lane last night and it triggered a wish that I have for you for the new year.


In January 1995, the San Diego Chargers stunned the NFL by winning the AFC Championship game in Pittsburgh and advancing to the Super Bowl for what is still the only time in franchise history. That night, 68,000 screaming fans showed up at what was then Jack Murphy Stadium to welcome the team back home.

You wouldn’t believe the atmosphere inside that stadium.
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SCP 15: How to prep for a basketball tournament – with Jay Sanderson

jay sandersonA challenging circumstance that most basketball play-by-play broadcasters will face at one time or another is having to broadcast many games over the course of a two or three day tournament.

Last year, Montana State University Voice Jay Sanderson did 13 games in four days at the Big Sky Conference tournament.

In this podcast, Jay shares advice for how to be your best come tournament time.

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The art of seeing and setting yourself apart

The french door quietly swung open and University of Alabama voice Eli Gold slipped inside the ballroom, careful not to disturb the ODT session in progress. The packed space was standing room only, so Eli leaned against the wall to wait for his time to speak.

art of seeing and setting yourself apart

I crossed Eli’s arrival off my mental checklist and was about to resume taking photos when another movement in the room caught my eye.

Each year Barry Gresham brings a group of aspiring sportscasting students from Austin Peay University to NSSA weekend, and each year the students volunteer some of their time to help Jon and I run the One Day Ticket to Sportscasting Success seminar. It was one of the Austin Peay students who diverted my attention. He had gotten up to walk a spare chair from his table over to Eli.
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SCP 14: Cold contacting to land a college PBP job

cold contacting with mike monacoAfter graduating from Notre Dame this spring, Mike Monaco, set about cold contacting local schools with hopes of turning up a college basketball job. The strategy paid off in securing Monaco the opportunity to call Western Michigan University men’s and women’s basketball on ESPN3.

In this STAA podcast, Monaco shares his strategy and tips for cold contacting local universities.

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Redesigning the STAA site and logo

Stronger, faster, better — words to describe what elite athletes work towards daily, or the motivation behind the new look STAA is sporting?

Hint: the correct answer is C) Both of the above.

staa redesign

STAA has grown and evolved since our last redesign. Next year we are celebrating our 10th anniversary. We knew it was time refine the branding to better serve our members and readers.
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Training camp for PBP voices

Football teams at all levels are either underway with their football seasons, or about to embark on them. It’s time for them to get ready for their football seasons, and it’s also time for broadcasters to prepare for their play-by-play assignments.

pbp training camp

While you won’t have to physically work as hard as the football players do in training camp, there is some pre-season work that can be done to sharpen the minds of play-by-play broadcasters. I have begun my play-by-play training camp by doing some housekeeping, assembling my tools, and getting some practice reps before the season begins.

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STAA members achieve the 800 milestone

This week at STAA, our members hit a super cool milestone of which we are very proud. A few days ago we published a story about Seth Harp accepting the PD/Afternoon Drive Host position at Sports Radio 930 in Jacksonville.

It was the 800th story we have published since 2007 about an STAA member getting a sports broadcasting job.


800 success stories in eight years. It is fitting that No. 800 was Seth. He has been featured in six of those stories.
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SCP 13: How to build relationships that advance your career

Hoffman-CraigCraig Hoffman has been putting himself out there and building industry relationships since he was in college. Thanks to one of those networking contacts, Craig is joining the Washington Redskins flagship station, ESPN 980, as their Redskins beat reporter.

In this STAA podcast, Craig shares valuable insight and strategies for building the relationships that can advance your career.

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6 common mistakes of major college PBP applicants

applicationIf broadcasting major college play-by-play is a goal of yours, be smart about how you go about the application process.

Since 2007, I have been retained to be the recipient and initial evaluator for the football and basketball play-by-play positions for more than 15 NCAA Division I schools. Included are LSU, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Stanford, Virginia and Boise State.

Here are six common mistakes that applicants make when applying for big time play-by-play jobs:

  • No personal web page or web site
  • Applying at the last minute (How interested can you really be?)
  • Not following application instructions
  • Failing to meet the minimum qualifications
  • Addressing cover letters to the wrong person
  • Not tailoring the cover letter to the position

Greatness requires more effort than does mediocrity.

Making Contacts In A Sportscaster’s World

You hear it time and time again: sports broadcasting is a “who-you-know” business, much like any profession in life. I’m willing to bet if you asked most sportscasters how they got their gig, they would tell you a story about their connections.

making contacts

That leads me to believe that when asking the question “how do I get that job?” you should first start with the question “how do I make the contacts necessary to get that job?

Creating a network of contacts is an inexact science…much like dating. Hear me out.
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