Kansas City drops Rome Show

March 15, 2012

The Jim Rome Show is off the air in Kansas City. 610 Sports has dropped the show in favor of local programming. The move comes less than three months after 610 KILT in Houston dropped Rome after 14 years.

In Kansas City, 610 Sports will fill the void by adding an hour to Bobe Fescoe and Josh Klingler’s morning show and adding two hours to Danny Parkins’ midday show.

“Our listeners have wanted more local hosts talking about local sports,” Program Director Ryan Maguire told AllAccess.

  • Jon J

    stupid move… the local person from out of town, LOL, has no entertainment value, he is not funny enlightning etc…  give me my rome back!!!

  • Chris

    Ryan Maguire is a lying idiot.  I’ve yet to see any commentary suggesting that this move is popular at all.  

  • Charliethemaddawg

    We knew that this day was coming. 610 snipped and chopped off bits of Rome’s show every week. They were just looking for an excuse to cut off Rome just so they could not only hear themselves yipp and yapp all day, but so they’d drag us along with them. My hope is that Union Broadcasting and Chad Boeger would bring him back. Put Rome on 1510 where he started back in 1998. I’m just afraid though K.C. will be jipped out of a smack-off and this move will come too late to really matter.

  • will

    this sux, rome was the best, no smack off,  what a dumb move by the monkies, stop airing one the most popular radio sports talk shows that there is, who wants to listen to danny parkinsons, what listeners were wanting more local sports talk, none, so we can sit around and listen about the royals…are you kidding me!!! the locals want rome back, making the same dumb move that 810 did, dropped rome,  no one was or is listening to sirhan petro…never should have dropped rome…this sux more local sports crap talk

  • Slimjenkings

    Dam. No more Rome.  That stings, man, that stings……

    That was the only reason to listen to 610……..nice move, morons.

  • ifit’snotbrokendon’tfixit

    Has anyone found a new station that has the rome show yet?  This sucks!!!