16 traits that predict sportscasting success

It is said that sports broadcasting employers need to listen to someone for just 30 seconds to decide if they like that person’s work. Similarly, I can tell within a few minutes of conversation if the person to whom I am speaking is cut out for a career in sports broadcasting.


Here are 16 traits that foretell sportscasting success:

  1. Speaking with confidence
  2. Maturity
  3. Boldness
  4. Inquisitiveness
  5. Likability
  6. Motivation
  7. Knowledge of the industry
  8. Relationship-building
  9. Decisiveness
  10. Determination
  11. Proactiveness
  12. Responsibility
  13. Problem-solving ability
  14. Refusal to make excuses
  15. Never blame others
  16. Know a plan from a dream

A sportscaster with most of these 16 traits is likely to enjoy a long and fulfilling career.

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