10 Actionable Tips To Help You Reach Your Career Goals

If change is worth making, it is worth making right away. There’s no reason to save it for a New Year’s resolution.


Here are 10 actionable tips to help you reach your career goals.

1. Build your team

We all have people we lean on at important times in our lives. Think about who those people are in your life, then use them to help you with important career decisions. It’s likely that not all of your team members will be in the sports broadcasting industry. My team includes my wife, dad and sister, Melodie who is part of our team at STAA, and a couple of friends in broadcasting with whom I have grown close over the years. The people who know you best will keep you moving in the right direction.

2. Introduce yourself to new people

The more people you know, the more help you can receive.

3. Build relationships

Stay in touch with the people you meet. Keep them updated on your career progress, congratulate them when they achieve something, and ask what you can do for them. Offering help is a much better way to build new relationships than asking for it.

4. Study other sportscasters

Regardless of where you are in your career, there is always something new to learn.

5. Critique your own work

Regularly reviewing your broadcasts with a critical ear is guaranteed to be the fastest way to improvement.

6. Read every day

I got this advice in a book from Mark Cuban. The information that can help make you great is available to everyone yet most people don’t read it. Learn more about sportscasting through books, blogs and newspaper, magazine and Internet articles. Cuban reads for an hour each day.

7. Update your demo

Your recent stuff should be your best stuff, so make sure it is on your demo. Do it now. You’d have to be unprepared when a golden opportunity arises unexpectedly.

8. Tighten up your resume

Study what makes an effective sportscasting resume then tweak yours accordingly. Be sure your experience is the first section of the resume and include your references.

9. Reformat your cover letter

If you have been sending form letters into the job market, now is the time to promise yourself that you are going to start customizing your letters to the position for which you are applying.

10. Be grateful

Have an attitude of gratitude. When you feel appreciation for the things you have, more good things will come your way.

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