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Are you feeling discouraged or overwhelmed by the job market?

  • How do I find a job?

  • Who should I contact?

  • Why isn’t anyone calling me back?

  • How do I develop my skills?

These are all challenges you can solve


Shared experiences make STAA uniquely qualified to help you. STAA CEO Jon Chelesnik has traveled the same road you are on. A former sportscaster, he has struggled to pay his bills on an entry-level salary and fought self-doubt when getting to the next stage of his career wasn’t happening as quickly as he thought it should. He also persevered and spent four years at ESPN. You can too.

Who should join STAA?

Our job market strategies are proven to be effective across all genres of radio and TV sports broadcasting.

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Baseball PBP Announcers

We work regularly with affiliated and independent league teams to fill broadcasting positions.

Football PBP Announcers

We work closely with colleges, universities and syndicators to fill play-by-play jobs. STAA has been retained to be the recipient of applications for more than one dozen NCAA DI openings.

Basketball PBP Announcers

Our clients have been the voice of schools in the SEC, Pac 10, Mountain West, ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Conference USA, Mid American American Athletic, WCC, Sun Belt and many others.

Hockey PBP Announcers

STAA clients work in affiliated, independent and junior leagues.

Freelance Sporscasters

Employers regularly hire clients they have found in the STAA Talent Search for freelance play-by-play opportunities from high schools to fill-in gigs at major colleges across the country.

Sports Talk Hosts

STAA CEO and ex-ESPN Radio host Jon Chelesnik knows how to get where you want to go. Clients have hosted on all six national networks. Our online sports radio directory gives you the contacts you need.

Sports Update Anchors

STAA relationships with sports radio program directors will open doors for you. Our online sports radio directory, exclusively for clients, will help you with the necessary contacts.

TV Talent

Other websites will tell you where the jobs are. STAA does that, too. We go farther, though. We show you how to get those jobs, & our sports tv directory tells you who to contact.

College Students

Learn what they didn’t teach you in school: how to build your demo, resume and cover letter • how to present yourself to employers • how to follow up • advanced performance techniques

Have a plan for getting your next job

STAA clients have accepted more than 720 sportscasting jobs since 2007

First Impressions

We start by building your Talent Page, bringing your demo and resume together in an elegant package under the industry trusted STAA brand. You can easily and instantly get your demo and resume in front of employers.


Your career consultant is STAA CEO Jon Chelesnik. He’ll send you weekly emails featuring proven job market strategies. You can also call or email anytime. Jon’s experience and contacts will help open doors for you.

Job Leads

Job leads emailed to you so you know where both published and unadvertised openings exist. You will also save time by not having to scour the Internet daily.

Opportunity Finds You

Your demo & resume is listed in the STAA Talent Search, the industry’s only online database for employers seeking talent. The STAA website averages 2.3 million hits and 30,000 unique visitors each month. Opportunity can find you.

Be better in your current job

Sometimes you aren’t getting jobs because your skills still need just a bit more polish.
We help you with that, too.


Get discounted admission to our annual One Day Ticket to Sportscasting Success Seminar. Learn from and network with legends like Costas, Albert, Vitale, Shulman & Eagle.

Insider Emails

These weekly emails feature time-tested techniques for how to win in the job market, but they also include tips from the top of the industry that will help bring out your best in your current gig.

Group Critique Sessions

Participate in quarterly group sessions where your work is critiqued by STAA CEO Jon Chelesnik.

Monthly Live Chats

Learn advanced techniques for play-by-play, talk show hosting, and sports update anchoring.

Exclusive Member Resources

The STAA Members site is your on-call career consultant.

Are you applying for jobs and need help with your demo, resume and cover letter? Have you been offered a job interview and want advice on how to nail it? Do you need to polish your sports broadcasting skills so you can get a better job?

The Members Site provides you with advice on-demand from the top employers and talent in the industry. There are also STAA Member Makeovers, Sports Radio and TV Directories, and an STAA Member Directory. STAA has been creating this resource library since 2006 and we’re adding new content every month.

These resources will help you be a better broadcaster and get a better job.

“This job came about because my soon-to-be News Director found me on STAA. He contacted Jon Chelesnik, who contacted me, and by the end of that day I had already had an interview.”

Brenna Greene

Sports Anchor/Reporter, KRTV, Great Falls, MT

“Your service helped me land a job that I never would have even known about without STAA, and provided me with the tools to land it.”

Jim Sannes

Broadcaster, Big Ten Digital Network

“School taught me to an extent, but the resources at your disposal through [STAA] are remarkably helpful and informative.”

Chip Brierre

Sports Anchor/Reporter, WRIC TV, Richmond, VA

“It was comforting to know that STAA was in my corner during the application process. Advice for improving my profile, cover letter, resume, and everything else in between was instrumental in successfully landing that first job.”

Dan Cohen

Sports Anchor/Reporter, WREX-TV, Rockford, IL

Sportscasting Employers Use STAA to Find You

“When I’m in need of a fill-in talent for one of our many schools, I use the STAA Talent Search. In a matter of minutes, I can search for talent in the area I need and hear their demos. It makes the process very easy.”



“STAA represents an elite talent pool of professional broadcasters. We’ve had tremendous success at Yahoo! Sports Radio of identifying those individuals based in large part to their STAA Talent Pages. We look forward to continuing the association for many years to come.”



“Your site is one of the better things that is out there right now. For a person to just email a PD is so easy. I was looking for someone (for a job at our station). Finding that person without your service and without going public is nearly impossible.”



“STAA made it real simple. When I contacted Jon Chelesnik and told him what I was looking for, he immediately sent me names and contact information for individuals who might be a fit. The first name he gave me was a perfect fit.”



Employers That Have Hired STAA Clients

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National Sports Media Association

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Like all sportscasters, you sometimes have to take risks in your career. So we thought we’d remove one from the equation by making our program risk-free.

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