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jk audio remotemix sport

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2019 6:35 am
by Matt4
Last year when I was doing a game and using my jk audio remotemix sport I happened to leave behind my power supply at the venue and after asking the Assistant Athletic Director - Media Relations/Sports Information contact to see if they found it or it was turned in with no luck I'm wondering if anyone has a power supply for the jk audio remotemix sport or knows where I can find one? I know it's a CUI Power Supply Model DV-9800R and that JK Audio has discontinued making the remotemix sport and I've been scouring the internet and auction sites with no luck. Here's a picture of the power supply. Thanks
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Re: jk audio remotemix sport

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2019 9:26 pm
by bschultz ... 183&sr=8-8

One of those adapter plugs should fit...from looking online at the Power Supply you looks like an "N" connector to me, which is a pretty common size. Just make sure you select the 9 volt output option on this one (orange screw on back).

Re: jk audio remotemix sport

Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2019 6:10 am
by Matt4

Here's the problem which comes directly from the owners manual: Make sure to use only the supplied AC power adapter with the RemoteMix Sport. Using any other adapter may damage the unit and here's something from the Q & A Section:

I've lost my power supply for my RemoteMix Sport unit. I have another power supply that fits from a different product. Can I use this instead?

NO! Never use a power supply other than the one that was sup-plied by your manufacturer. Power supplies are available in either AC or DC output with many combinations of voltage and available current. DC supplies carry either positive or negative center pin output and may or may not be "regulated". If you connect a nega-tive center pin power supply to a positive center pin jack, it's just like hooking up the battery cables to your car backwards. Obviously you would not want to do this to your car or your expensive audio equipment. "Regulation" is the tolerance to the specified voltage of your DC power supply. All of our DC power supplies have a low noise 5% tolerance. This means that our 9V DC power supplies will always output 9 volts +/- 5%, whether you are using no power at all or applying a full load. Most consumer power supplies are not regu-lated. A non-regulated 9V, 800mA power supply could actually out-put 16V until an 800 mA load is applied. This could invariably dam-age your equipment, and also create a great deal of noise. There is also no standard for the size of your power jack. This means that a 16VAC power supply and a 1.5VDC power supply could both have the same 2.1mm jack

I used it last year with a different AC Adapter not knowing this information. I'm looking specifically for that power supply I pictured which talking to the people at JK Audio is hard to find seeing as they discontinued making the JK Audio Remotemix Sport

Re: jk audio remotemix sport

Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2019 9:40 pm
by bschultz
Of course they say to use only a power supply from them...because they charge more!

If it's DC...with the same voltage (9 v DC) and AT LEAST 800 miliamps...with the tip positioned properly (tip positive)...which the one I listed from Amazon will work just fine.

I don't use my Remote Mix anymore...but when I did, I used a Radio Shack replacement power supply for YEARS without issue.

Step 1 - grab all of the tips from whichever power supply you choose....without it plugged into the power supply...just find the correct dimension. It will fit snug...but not forced and not loose.

Step 2 - plug the tip into the cord...with the TIP positioned at center. The tip will tell you which side of the tip is positive...the cord will tell you which side is positive. Match the two up

Step 3 - plug it will work!

I have replaced 30 original power supplies with ones I've found from Radio Shack or Amazon...match the specs...and tip orientation...and it will work.

Re: jk audio remotemix sport

Posted: Thu Sep 19, 2019 6:12 am
by Matt4
So Bruce you're saying that one from Amazon is 9 v DC and 800 miliamps with the right tip? Thanks

Re: jk audio remotemix sport

Posted: Thu Sep 19, 2019 8:23 pm
by bschultz
First off, I'm Brian.

Second...yes, it is. After reading the rest of this post, feel free to look around. If you have a Radio Shack in town, they will have a power supply that will work for you. You can also order online from them to MAYBE improve the odds of not getting a supply from China. Chances are, the ones from Radio Shack come from China too!

For everyone else who has come across this issue and needs to find a new power supply, here are some rules of thumb.

First, check to see if you need AC power, or DC power. DC is more common, but I've seen a few that are AC in our industry.

Second, check how many milliamps (or amps) you need. ALWAYS buy a power supply with MORE milliamps or amps than you need. More amperage does NO DAMAGE to the unit power is being supplied to. Less amperage will not turn the device on. VOLTAGE ALWAYS NEEDS TO MATCH...amperage doesn't. Milliamps are measured like this: 800 milliamps is 0.8 amps. 2000 milliamps is 2 amps.

Third, most broadcast industry equipment I've run across that needs a DC power supply needs an "N" size tip. There are like 20 different sized round tips, but chances are VERY good that you will find the right sized tip in a power supply that comes with an assortment of tips. Try all of the tips WITHOUT plugging it into the power supply or the 120v wall outlet first until you find the right one for your gear.

Fourth, ALWAYS check the manual for the device you're trying to power up to see if the tip is positive, or if the tip is negative. MOST are tip positive...but not all. If you put the tip as positive when it should be can blow up your gear. Most gear will have some safety precautions built in that if the tip polarity is reversed, it just won't power up...but it is a possibility to destroy a piece of equipment if it's reversed.

Re: jk audio remotemix sport

Posted: Fri Sep 20, 2019 6:07 am
by Matt4
Sorry Brian and thanks for the tip.