Takeaways from pregame/PBP/postgame coverage of non sports events

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Bill Oliver
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Takeaways from pregame/PBP/postgame coverage of non sports events

#1 Post by Bill Oliver » Sat May 19, 2018 8:18 am

Inspiration for this topic comes after rifling through my TiVO this morning on the pregame coverage of the royal wedding...took me about 20 minutes to cover the 2+ hours of that...and listening to network radio coverage of the Barbara Bush funeral in Houston while camping out all day outside the Bush library in College Station for the motorcade to arrive.

FIRST AND FOREMOST-as we listen to how sportscasters do their thing, pay attention to how others do pregame, PBP, and postgame.

A couple of things from the royal wedding coverage I chose...know before opening your mouth. After multiple references to Meghan riding to church in a Rolls, one of the commentators who saw the Rolls drive by her had to ask on the air the make of the car. And another commentator mispronounced Givenchy twice, after the person next to them pronounced it correctly then corrected the commentator after the first flub.

A month after the Barbara Bush funeral, I will always remember the radio play by play person stepping on every speaker, talking when silence should have been respected, and the network's decision to interview book authors and other people DURING THE SERVICE instead of having the host front and back announce each speaker and who was singing and who was providing the instrumental pieces. Betcha the host was hosting from a TV in New York or DC.

Jon Chelesnik
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Re: Takeaways from pregame/PBP/postgame coverage of non sports events

#2 Post by Jon Chelesnik » Fri May 25, 2018 11:43 am

GREAT post, Bill.

Among the thoughts your comments sparked for me. . .

1. Be a good listener, whether it is listening to your co-host or to someone you are interviewing. You know you need to listen better if the person you are on air with says, "Like I just said."

2. Dead air is NOT evil in broadcasting. When used appropriately, it will have more impact than words.

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