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Men's Versus Women's Basketball On Your Demo

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:10 pm
by Jon Chelesnik
I received this question:

When considering demo material, do you think it matters whether it's men's or women's, or is good tape good tape?

My reply:

If having men's hoops on your demo has an advantage, it is in perception. In college ball, the women's voice is a No. 2 voice. Therefore, i believe that even though at the high school level the same guy does boys and girls hoops, women's BB might seem like "less than" in the eyes of some college employers.

What are your thoughts?

Re: Men's Versus Women's Basketball On Your Demo

Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 12:17 pm
by LA_Riot
    Personally, I think it's slightly easier to paint a vivid picture for girls/womens basketball solely due to the speed of the game being a little bit slower. The difference is nominal, I'm very curious to know what PD's and people in hiring decisions might think.

    Re: Men's Versus Women's Basketball On Your Demo

    Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 1:35 pm
    by pbpisfun
    I think it depends on what job you're applying for and with whom you're applying.

    If you're applying to a radio station where you'll be doing both boys and girls basketball games, then it probably makes no difference. A good tape is a good tape.

    If you're applying to a school/IMG/Learfield for a college MBB job, then you're likely better off sending a demo that includes college MBB if you have that option. If you're applying for a college WBB gig, then send in your best WBB stuff.

    I personally would make my "demo" specific to every job I would apply for. I wouldn't just have a single/generic demo that I send universally to all jobs.

    Just my opinion.

    Re: Men's Versus Women's Basketball On Your Demo

    Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2017 9:04 am
    by Jon Chelesnik
    Great comments by both of you guys, thank you. If anyone else has a different take, please share!

    Re: Men's Versus Women's Basketball On Your Demo

    Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2017 10:17 am
    by RadioPat1982
    If it is a college with ESPN3 or any video web based production, I would include both men's & women's radio and even TV if you have it. Especially if it is for a lower level Division-I college. I work mostly behind the scenes in TV now and I can tell you that there is normally a rotation that goes along with college sports now.

    #1 is normally the men's broadcaster, #2 the women's and then schools that mix in an ESPN3, Campus Insiders or other web based products would need possibly a 3rd broadcaster. Especially if there is a conflict. This goes for baseball/softball at some schools as well.

    Add in potential conflicts with seasons overlapping and you have already submitted tape to fill in down the line. This week is a great example because many teams have started baseball and softball but not yet completed their basketball schedules. Perfect time to potentially gets some reps as fill in.

    There are 2 other times where this is the case. The tail end of Minor League baseball season in to football season, and football season in to basketball season.

    Re: Men's Versus Women's Basketball On Your Demo

    Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2017 10:50 am
    If your play by play is good it will not matter to the employer if it is MBB or WBB. I think there is a stereotype that the MBB is the better play by play artist. However, most WBB play by play personalities have a greater use of vocabulary, and are better at interviews because they have to learn how to describe in more detail and because they need to go deeper with questions in order to gain a better experience for the listeners. I have taught sports broadcasting in various institutions of higher education and have found these things to be true. This is just my experience, so take it for what it is worth to you.