Lee Mowen

STAA Member
Location: West Alexandria, OH
To reach client call STAA:
(949) 648-STAA


Seeking an entry-level job in the sports broadcasting field.


Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications, Minor in Management, November 2010
Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio

Relevant Courses:

Mass Communications, Introduction to Marketing, Public Speaking, Broadcast Criticism, Broadcast Journalism, Coaching Theories: Basketball, Leadership Development

Sports Media Experience:

     Sports Director, WWSU 106.9 Dayton, June 2008-June 2010,
     DJ and Sportscaster, WWSU 106.9 Dayton, September 2006-June 2008
•    Supervised over thirty other sportscasters.
•    Commentated play-by-play and color and produced in the studio all of the sporting events for the Wright State Raiders,
     ranging around 300 games in four years.
•    Improved WWSU's relationship with Wright State's Athletic Department.
•    Increased the listenership of the sports broadcasts by advertising the games more.
•    Created a more professional environment within the sportscasters.
•    Have been at a majority of WWSU's remotes, such as Wright from the Start, Fall Fest, Homecoming, and May Daze.
•    Have helped the Music, Programming, Training, and GM in various jobs.
•    Won the Trainee of the Year award in 2007 and the Director of the Year award in 2009.

     Sports Writer, the Guardian Newspaper
     Wright State University, Fall 2006-Summer 2007
•    Wrote articles about the process of Wright State sports, including swimming, baseball, soccer, and women's basketball.
•    Conducted interviews with the coaches and players.

Member, Raider Rowdies Student Section Group
, Spring 2007-Spring 2010
•    Advertised a few basketball games by throwing a celebration.
•    Led the radio station into DJing the events for Raider Rowdies

Forest Lane Community Council member, 2007-2008, 2009-2010
•    Promoted togetherness within the community by creating events, such as Safe Lei.

Student Government Subcommittee Member, 2009-2010
•    Promoted an increase of school spirit at Wright State University.

Wright State Football Operations, Spring 2009-Fall 2010
•    Worked in the booth as the clock operator.
•    Created advertisements on football games.
•    Created the opportunity of having WWSU broadcast most of the games.