About Us

It takes more than talent to build a successful sportscasting career. The cold hard fact is that there are thousands more sportscasters than there are sportscasting jobs. That is why there is STAA (pronounced S-T-Double-A).

Founded in 2005, STAA is dedicated to your sports broadcasting career. We’ll help you set yourself apart from the thousands of other sportscasters. Founded by former ESPN Radio Host and Sporting News Radio Talent Jon Chelesnik (left), STAA will provide you with everything you need to succeed.

STAA is the nation’s premiere sports broadcasting career builder. Since 2003, CEO Jon Chelesnik has assisted sportscasters in the U.S., Canada and Australia, including several network and major league play-by-play talents. Services include sports broadcasting job placement assistance, career planning and consulting and sports broadcasting demos and resume construction.

STAA services are proven to dramatically increase our clients’ chances for employment.

Chelesnik is passionate about helping sportscasters. In addition to his work with STAA, Chelesnik has helped organize six national sportscasting seminars and he teaches the next generation of sportscasters at Palomar College in San Diego. He is also a popular speaker on radio shows, at broadcasting schools and at sportscasting camps.

A former host at ESPN Radio Network, and an air talent at Sporting News Radio Network and XTRA Sports in San Diego, Chelesnik has also done professional play-by-play in the Arena Football League and the International Basketball League. He did TV play-by-play for The Football Network.

Chelesnik is a graduate of Kansas State University.